The Tennessee Proprietary Business Schools Association in conjunction with their sister agency, The Tennessee Association of Independent Colleges and Schools has established a new student group!

The Tennessee Student Business Leaders In Action Group is now recruiting student business leaders!

Mission Statement: To foster the development of students as they engage governmental regulatory agencies and take action on situations that directly impact their intended business pursuits.

The Tennessee Student Business Leaders In Action Group is now available to all business students within the Sustaining Member Colleges in good academic standing. The group will be participating in several governmental and business events as representatives of their colleges. Students will gain a better understanding
of the legislative process and how to lobby effectively on issues pertaining to their business interests. Students will also increase their business accumen by networking with industry leaders and entrepreneurs who are willing to share their knowledge on how to become successful in their career pursuits.

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If you are interested in becoming a member, then please contact us at:


The Michael D. Singletary Foundation is proud to be working in collaboration with the Tennessee Proprietary Business Schools Association in an effort to assist the Tennessee Business Student Leaders In Action Group with professional development, mentoring, financial management, cultural enrichment and note worthy business
networking events.

Be sure to get current updates about upcoming business events:

*Spark and Hustle Business Conference in Atlanta, GA on June 10th-11th

*The Singletary Network Presents: The Empowerment Virtual Teleconference on July22nd through July 26th